What is Acupressure?


What is Acupressure?

Using fingers, thumbs, hands, palms and elbows to apply pressure on specific Acupoints on the body is called Acupressure. This is also called pressure acupuncture without needles. Acupressure has been practiced for thousands of years for different conditions to relieve pain, stagnation, spasm and tension. Usually this method is combined with acupuncture to enhance the therapeutic effect of the treatment. In general, acupressure combined with acupuncture has a deeper level of relief and relaxation than a typical acupuncture treatment alone.


What are some indications of Acupressure?

. Headache, general body ache, trauma of musculoskeletal system

. Abdominal pain, infantile indigestion, nervous vomiting, hiccup

. Sciatica, stiffness of the neck, trauma of soft tissue, low back pain

. Facial paralysis, trauma of sciatic nerve and femoral nerves, paraplegia

. Sprain of wrist joint, contusion of ankle joint, elbow pain, knee pain

. Nocturnal emission, dysmenorrhea, hysteria, acute gastroenteritis

. Facial rejuvenation


What are some contraindications of Acupressure?

.  Acute abdominal pain, febrile disease, infectious diseases, acute inflammation

.  Purpura, hemophilia, thrombocytopenic purpura, any kind of hemorrhagic disease

.  Heart failure, severe hypertension, end stage of cancer, sever skin problem

.  When the patient feels full after a meal

.  Shock or exhaustion

.  Pregnancy


How does Acupressure work for Facial Rejuvenation?

Acupressure may be used to make the face look younger with less wrinkles and lines. It can help eliminate internal imbalances which create wrinkles, lines, discoloration, dark pigmentation, sagging and bags under the eyes.

Acupressure helps rejuvenate your face in different ways:

. It helps the face blood circulation and brings more nutrients to the area

. It helps collagen production to fill out wrinkles

. It helps the lymphatic drainage of the face and neck

. It helps to strengthen muscle tone and skin elasticity

You may try some of the following facial Acupressure techniques to have more beautiful skin.

. Start with the point between your eyebrows and above your nose. Put your thumb on this point and massage in a circular way thru the entire eyebrow toward the point in front of the ear

. Use your middle finger pad to massage the point 1 inch below your eyes and continue in a semi-circular way below Zygomatic arch or cheek bone toward the point in front of the ear

. Use your middle finger pad and start with the point located on both sides of the anterior hairline and continue down in a circular way on lateral side of the face to reach the point in front of the ear

Remember to repeat these techniques for 30 to 60 seconds each, 3 times a week for better skin shape. Try not to use strong force but a gentle force to get better results. During massage, breathe slowly and deeply. By performing these techniques you will cover some of the most important facial acupoints which are used for facial rejuvenation.


Why should I choose Acupressure?

Over 75 million Americans are affected by pain every year and pain management has become a 100 billion dollar industry. Acupressure not only can help with lots of pain conditions, but also can be a cost effective alternative to surgical and medical treatments. Here are some of the reasons you may want to try Acupressure:

. It has no side effects and is a completely non-invasive method of healing

. It is effective in some cases of chronic illnesses which have not been treated by other methods 

. It is cost effective and everybody can afford to try it

. It is a natural method of healing with a long history

In general, Acupressure has been successfully performed in treating diseases for thousands of years in China and throughout the world and is one of the oldest and safest method of healing. If you want to get better results out of your Acupuncture treatment, tell your Acupuncturist to combine it with Acupressure. 


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